As a MC/Host/Artist Blenda from Birmingham UK, covers various styles and genres with a focus on re-inventing his sound on dance music, including bass, house remixes, Old & new skool, UKG favorites, minimal, deep tech, house, soulful classics, UK funky or amalgamations of other styles.

Starting his career as a MC on well known pirate radio stations in 1998, Blenda began creating his own style of hosting on dance music into a professional club sound that fits in warehouse raves, festivals, and club dance floors as it does on UK sound dubs.

MC Blenda is one of the most sought after and versatile Host/MC/Artist in the UK. At present Blenda has developed himself as an artist focusing on releases on his own label About The Music Records.

Other releases: Open House Records | Ultra Bass Records | Hot Cakes Bass | Highly Swung Records | Low Pitched Records | Trench Bass Records | Serene City Records | Wanna Dance Records

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